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Save Money on Group Insurance

This is an 8 minute video that immediately gets to the point as to how group insurance operates, and why it is possible to gain substantial savings on a company’s insurance premium.  This video gives many examples of the costs and savings possible, and why the trend has been for group insurance policies to increase… Read more

Disability Insurance Explained

The most valuable asset most people have is their ability to earn an income.  That is the source of all their other wealth such as homes, cars, retirement plans and other assets.  If they lose their ability to earn an income, they can still protect their future with Disability Insurance.  Your income is the Goose… Read more

Important Facts about Critical Illness Insurance

One form of insurance that you may not be aware of is critical illness insurance. This is insurance that provides owners with a lump sum of money if they experience a critical illness that is covered under their critical illness policy.  Common covered illnesses are heart attack, stroke and cancer, but up to 30 conditions… Read more

Points to Consider about Life Insurance

There are 3 stages of life insurance needs – Family Protection, Accumulation of Assets and Estate Preservation Needs will shift as a client moves through these 3 stages and the amount of life insurance needed generally changes due to exposure to capital gains, taxes due in the year of death, RRSP/RRIF tax, etc. Term insurance… Read more

How to Benefit from the Disability Insurance Return of Premium Option

An individual can purchase disability insurance with a return of premium benefit that allows them to be protected from disability, as well as receiving a return of premium if the individual remains healthy. There are numerous disability insurance providers with provide return of premium such as; AXA Assurance, Canada Life and Manulife. They offer disability… Read more