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Disability Insurance

Should I Buy Waiver of Premium on a Life Policy?

Waiver of premium on a life insurance policy is a rider that you can optionally add and which may pay the premiums of a life policy for you during a period of disability.  This can help keep your valuable life insurance in place for your family during a time when you are already vulnerable because of… Read more

Get Help from an Insurance Broker – It’s Already Paid for

I have covered the basics of 4 types of insurance in a quick but hopefully helpful way.  However as I was writing this I left out many points I could have made to keep things simple, and because many of these points only apply to specific people in specific situations, but can be crucial to… Read more

Disability Insurance Guide

Here is a guide I put together for my clients to help in understanding and purchasing disability insurance.  If you would like an individual quote for disability insurance using your information, please fill out and submit the short form here. Disability Insurance is referred to as a Living Benefit policy because it is something that… Read more

How to Benefit from the Disability Insurance Return of Premium Option

An individual can purchase disability insurance with a return of premium benefit that allows them to be protected from disability, as well as receiving a return of premium if the individual remains healthy. There are numerous disability insurance providers with provide return of premium such as; AXA Assurance, Canada Life and Manulife. They offer disability… Read more