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How to Buy the Best Term Life Insurance in Canada

If you are looking for the maximum possible protection at the lowest possible cost, term insurance is the most affordable life insurance available. Here are major points you need to know about. preferred rates: the discounts for good health and being a non-smoker work with an independent broker who will shop the market to make sure… Read more

Save Money on Bank Mortgage Insurance – Top 3 Ways

Mortgage Insurance Explained Enclosed is a brief video showing 3 ways and reasons to save money on your bank mortgage insurance. Do you want to receive the discount available for being a non-smoker?  At banks, smokers and non-smokers pay the same rate.  This is a great deal for smokers, btw. Do you want your family… Read more

Points to Consider When Life Insuring Your Mortgage

      With a Life Insurance Company    With a Bank or Trust Company ·         You purchase an individual policy which is fully underwritten at time of application. ·         You get a certificate relating to a master group policy which is typically underwritten at time of death. ·         You own the policy – you… Read more

How Universal Life Insurance Policies work – a Simplified Guide

Universal Life policies first became popular in the early 1980s, and had been developed a few years earlier.  They are considered unbundled policies, in that the various parts of an insurance policy, which include the term insurance, the cash value and the expenses, are priced separately and stated in the contract. This was a response… Read more

Should I Buy Waiver of Premium on a Life Policy?

Waiver of premium on a life insurance policy is a rider that you can optionally add and which may pay the premiums of a life policy for you during a period of disability.  This can help keep your valuable life insurance in place for your family during a time when you are already vulnerable because of… Read more

Get Help from an Insurance Broker – It’s Already Paid for

I have covered the basics of 4 types of insurance in a quick but hopefully helpful way.  However as I was writing this I left out many points I could have made to keep things simple, and because many of these points only apply to specific people in specific situations, but can be crucial to… Read more

Life Insurance Guide

Life Insurance is an economical way to financially protect your family from not having enough time to complete your plans.  It is part of an overall strategy of Financial Planning (video).   Life insurance can replace the income you would have earned to your family in case of an early death. The buying of life insurance… Read more

How Insurance Companies are Rated

Life insurance companies are rated by agencies such as A. M. Best, S+P, Moody’s and Fitch. Enclosed is a recent listing of ratings, and a link to the homepage of each major insurance company in Canada. However I would not put too much stock in these ratings for two reasons. 1. These ratings reflect the… Read more

Points to Consider about Life Insurance

There are 3 stages of life insurance needs – Family Protection, Accumulation of Assets and Estate Preservation Needs will shift as a client moves through these 3 stages and the amount of life insurance needed generally changes due to exposure to capital gains, taxes due in the year of death, RRSP/RRIF tax, etc. Term insurance… Read more

Life Insurance – It’s For You and Your Family

You can easily get affordable term quote, particularly due to the availability of different alternative term life insurances. But, getting a good quote depends on several different factors. Getting married comes with having many different financial obligations. From a house payment to cars, furniture and many other bills, you suddenly find yourself in a serious… Read more