Get Help from an Insurance Broker – It’s Already Paid for

I have covered the basics of 4 types of insurance in a quick but hopefully helpful way.  However as I was writing this I left out many points I could have made to keep things simple, and because many of these points only apply to specific people in specific situations, but can be crucial to your purchase if you are that person.  Getting the benefit of the opinion from an independent broker who knows the basics of your situation is invaluable.

As I said near beginning a commission or salary is paid when an insurance policy is sold.  Every insurance policy in Canada is by law sold through a licensed agent, and that commission or salary goes somewhere, even if the policy is bought online.  So you might as well get the benefit of the advice from an experienced broker as it is paid for (by the insurance company), and your policy is not going to be cheaper if you go without it.

I am an insurance broker meaning that I represent the major insurance companies in Canada.  These include names like – Canada Life, Manulife, BMO, RBC, Foresters, Ivari and many more.  We can work together to make sure you get the best policy.


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